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Activity Review | Livestock & Poultry Industry High-Quality Development Roundtable Forum

With the support of the State Food and Nutrition Consultant Committee and the Food and Nutrition Development Institute of MARA, AgFood Future convened the “Policy Guidance, Technological Driven Roundtable Forum on High-Quality Development of Livestock and Poultry Industry” in Beijing on December 5, 2023.

Governmental, academic, industrial, and professional representatives from various sectors deliberated on a collaborative model for attaining high-quality and sustainable development in the livestock and poultry industry. This dialogue tackled the industry’s adaptation to factors such as climate change, geopolitics, population growth, and other determinants. The session examined current industry challenges, disseminated best practices, and advocated cross-sectoral collaboration among governments, industries, and institutions.

At the event, AGF’s Ryan Xue and Jennifer Lee delivered opening speeches. Wang Jian from MARA presented an overview of the livestock and poultry industry and policies. Wang Xiaohong from MARA’s Food and Nutrition Development Research Institute conducted an analysis of how to improve the meat industry. Sofie Cammers from Marel Meats spoke on behalf of the participating companies and expressed their needs, focus, and aspirations for the Chinese market and partnerships. Leaders from Marel, CP Group, Muyuan, the American Grains Association, and other institutions contributed to the discussions.

As the Chairman of AgFood Future, Ryan Xue presided over the meeting and delivered a keynote speech. He stated, "AgFood Future has been dedicated to fostering innovation and advancing high-quality development within the meat industry across multiple domains including feed supply, food safety, nutrition, and health. Our endeavor is to construct an expansive, interdisciplinary communication platform that facilitates profound exchanges among governments, industries, scientific research entities, and other relevant stakeholders. This platform is aimed at supporting policy formulation and implementation, as well as propelling high-quality development through industrial demonstrations and practical implementations."

Participating companies conducted in-depth discussions on their respective business models and development strategies. Wang Xiaohong, Deputy Director of the Food and Nutrition Development Research Institute, and Wang Jian, Director of the Animal Husbandry Division, both from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), elucidated the current situation and production characteristics of China’s animal husbandry industry. They responded to inquiries from enterprises on various aspects such as consumption trends, production mode transformation, food security, quality improvement, and innovation efforts.

This event is expected to be a versatile platform for dialogue among governmental, academic, and industrial sectors. It seeks to enhance the comprehension of industrial needs by pertinent government agencies, inform policy design and execution, and foster collaboration between domestic and foreign industries in the context of China’s high-quality development paradigm. The difficulties and challenges faced will provide valuable lessons, empowering the industry to grasp policy orientations, formulate efficient localization approaches, and innovate ideas and solutions for the high-quality transition and advancement of the sector.


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